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The InfoAge Space Exploration Center


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Science Lecture Series

Saturday January 22,

2:00 pm


Charles Cebula

The Derivation of Some Common Geometric Relationships without the use of Calculus.


InfoAge Space Flight Lecture Series

January 30, 2022, 2:00pm

LUCY: The First Mission to Jupiter’s Trojan Asteroids

Speaker Frank O’Brien has been volunteering at InfoAge since 2003, and is a Solar System Ambassador for Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.He is the author of a very successful book on the Apollo Guidance Computer, and gives lectures on all aspects of spaceflight.

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NEW     NEW     NEW!

The ISEC Science Lecture Series

Saturday January 22, 2:00 pm

Mathematician Charles Cebula presents

The Derivation of Some Common Geometric Relationships without the use of calculus


ISEC Featured by Saranna Rotgard!


The InfoAge Space Exploration Center and ARISS



ISEC has submitted a proposal to the Amateur Radio on the International Space Station with NASA  who are sponsoring students to talk with an Astronaut on the International Space Station. There is no cost for this program. If our proposal is accepted, twenty will be able to speak to an astronaut and ask a question about Space Exploration!   The program is open to Middle School and High School Students.

If you would like to talk with an astronaut on the ISS, research one of the topics below and submit a report (250 words), a poster, a video presentation, or any kind of presentation that includes a question you would like to ask.  Your question should be about what you have learned as you’ve researched the topic.  Choose from one of the following topics.   Projects will be chosen according to a rubric as shown below.

1. Project Diana: The First Earth- Moon- Earth Transmission

2. How Radio Works

3. Radio and Radar

4. Building a Crystal Radio

5. Transmitters and Receivers

6. The use of Radio in Space Exploration

7. Amateur Radio

8. Radio on the ISS

9. NASA’s Deep Space Radio Communications

10. Weather and Radar

More than one students may choose the same topic.  If there are more than 20 submissions we will choose the project that answers these questions best:

On a scale of 1-5 with 1 being the highest, does the question

1-Extend the learning.

2- Add information.

3- Clarify a point

4- Add understanding

5- Confirm what has been learned.

ISEC will help you with your research. We will guide your research through email, zoom or you can come to ISEC at 2300 Marconi Rd. in Wall Twp. on Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday between 1-5pm. You can learn to use the TLM18 Space Sentry Radio Antenna, a 60 ft. Satellite Dish to look at Pulsars, The Sun, The Milky Way, Weather Satellite Images and even other Galaxies! You’ll learn about HAM Radio and use it to bounce signals off the moon and even hear your own voice travel 500,000 miles to the moon and back!

If you want to do the research on your own or with a group of students, thats fine! You don’t have to visit ISEC if you do not have time. We will help you through email, zoom or in person. Your research can begin now or it can be done over the summer. The research project is due on January 10, 2022.

Students whose research projects are chosen will speak to the astronauts on the International Space Station on a date between January and June 2022 chosen by NASA and ARISS. NASA and ARISS will tell us the exact date within an 8 week window. Once we have the date we will invite the students who will speak with the astronauts to come to ISEC to make contact. Teachers and parents are invited to attend but are not obligated. We will also invite the community in schools, or elsewhere to attend the event through Zoom to be part of the event.

There is NO COST to participate in the program.

Fill out the form below by June 30, 2021 and submit it to: or drop it off at ISEC on Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday 1-5 pm.

Once we receive your registration you will receive a research guide.

The guide will be emailed or get it at ISEC at 2300 Marconi Rd., Wall Twp, NJ.  

Call 732-322-4823 to make an appointment to pick up your guide.

Student Name_________________________________________________________

School and Grade_________________________________________________________

Research Project Choice________________________________________________________

Student or Parent Email_________________________________________________________

Parent Signature______________________________________________________

Parents and Teachers: There is no obligation on your part to help students with their research. We welcome parents and teachers who would like to be part of the educational process. The team at ISEC includes, Lori Lauber, Educator, Frank O’Brien, NASA Solar System Ambassador, Jim Fagen, Educator at Manasquan, H.S., Dr. Daniel Marlow, Evans Crawford Professor of Physics, Princeton University, and Martin Flynn, Chief Technical Officer at InfoAge.

If you have any questions please call Lori Lauber, Director at ISEC at 732-322-4823.

The InfoAge Space Exploration Center, 2300 Marconi Rd.
Wall Township, NJ, 07719



The InfoAge Space Flight Lecture Series

75th Anniversary of Project Diana


View the lecture under ISEC Lectures at the top of this page or on YouTube:

InfoAge is a non-profit organization whose mission it is to preserve History and  Science and make STEM education accessible to everyone. Your donation keeps us going!

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$10 Donation grants entry into all InfoAge Museums.

Donations can be made at the front desk at ISEC or the InfoAge front desk.


ISEC is looking for Volunteers!

We will train you to observe Pulsars, The Sun, Weather Satellites and more!  If you have the time on Wednesdays, Saturdays or Sundays and would like to volunteer at The InfoAge Space Exploration Center, call 732-322-4823.


ISEC is the perfect place for a

Field Trip about Space Exploration!

 Students can learn about Radio and Visual Astronomy

  • Learn how data is collected to study outer space
  • View Radio Astronomy Histograms and learn how to read them
  • Make models of the Milky Way Galaxy
  • Learn about Meteorology and how satellites track storms
  • Observe a Pulsar and the Sun
  • Make a model of the TLM 18 Radio Dish Antenna
  • Learn about EME Transmission to send voice signals to the moon and back

    We offer a space science program for children ages 10-14 about The Earth, The Solar System, The Galaxy, The Universe, Rocketry, and Outer Space Observation and Exploration.  Children who visit ISEC learn how to move the TLM18 Space Sentry Radio Dish Antenna and use it to explore the Milky Way Galaxy.  

    Parents can take a video of their child at the controls! 

    Explore the Solar System   The Milky Way Galaxy and The Universe!

Call 732-280=3000 for availability and pricing information.



July 25, 2022


 InfoAge Space Exploration Center

2300 Marconi Road, Wall Township, NJ. 732-322-4823 0r 732-280-3000

Space Exploration Week is a five day space science program for children ages 10-14 about The Earth, The Solar System, The Galaxy, The Universe, Rocketry, and Outer Space Observation and Exploration. Each day is divided into two sessions of fun filled model making, rocket launching, demonstrations and games. Children will visit ISEC after Space Exploration Week to learn how to move the TLM18 Space Sentry Radio Dish Antenna and use it to explore the Milky Way Galaxy. We expect to have speakers from NASA and Princeton University.

Activities include a visit to the InfoAge Radio Museum, The Original Marconi Tower and a trip to Mobile Radar Units.

Learn about the history of NASA’s Space Programs and the exciting events that took place right here at the Diana Site in Wall Township that launched Space Exploration.

Travel through Space using the TLM18 Radio Dish Antenna to send your voice to the moon and hear it bounce back in 2.5 seconds!


Learn about:

The Earth and it’s Atmosphere

Make a model of the Earth’s Atmosphere

The Solar System

Make a model of the Solar System


Make and Launch Rock

page2image15424Vanguard and Tiros satellites

Build your own Satellite

The Radio Telescope Dish

Make a model of a Radio Dish Antenna

The Moon and other Earth Satellites

Add these to our Earth Model

The Milky Way Galaxy

Make a Star Finder

Comets and Asteroids

Make your own Comet or Asteroid

Outer Space Observation: Telescopes

Make your own Telescope

See through Alien Eyes

Using radio waves to study planets

Bounce your voice off the Moon using a radio telescope


Space Exploration Week Camp is a 5 day, 7 hour program from 8:30-3:30

Program Costs: $199. per child.  $175. additional Children same household.

Participants receive a packet to keep all of their materials as well as a keepsake box for all their models and a Certificate of Completion.

A Deposit of $50 per child is required at time of registration.
Full payment is required on the first day of Space Exploration Week.

Please return this form by mail or in person with a $50. deposit to register to:

InfoAge 2201 Marconi Rd. Wall, NJ 07719 c/o Lori Lauber
Walk in hours are 1-5 on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday
For more information call: 732-322-4823 / 732-280-3000 or email:

Registration Form: Print and Complete the form below for each participant:

Full Name of Parent___________________________________________

Phone Number______________________________________________

Full Name of Child__________________________________Age________




Zip Code____________________________________________________


Emergency Contact: Please List 2 Emergency Contacts.


Relationship to Child___________________________________________



Relationship to Child___________________________________________



Please list any special considerations (allergies, special needs or conditions):