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ISEC Lecture Series

New Views of Jupiter from the Juno Spacecraft

Sunday, February 23, 2:00-4:00 pm


Almost four years ago, the Juno spacecraft entered orbit around Jupiter. Packed with science instruments, it has revolutionized our understanding of the largest planet in the Solar System. Our talk will center on the discoveries and dramatic images returned from Juno.

Speaker Frank O’Brien has been volunteering at InfoAge since 2003, and is a Solar System Ambassador for Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. He is the author of a very successful book on the Apollo Guidance Computer, and gives lectures on all aspects of spaceflight.

Call 732-322-4823 or 732-280-3000 for more information

$10 Donation grants entry into all InfoAge Museums


ISEC is looking for Volunteers!

We will train you to observe Pulsars, The Sun, Weather Satellites and more!  If you have the time on Wednesdays, Saturdays or Sundays and would like to volunteer at The InfoAge Space Exploration Center, call 732-322-4823.


ISEC is the perfect place for a

Field Trip about Space Exploration!

 Students can learn about Radio and Visual Astronomy

  • Learn how data is collected to study outer space
  • View Radio Astronomy Histograms and learn how to read them
  • Make models of the Milky Way Galaxy
  • Learn about Meteorology and how satellites track storms
  • Observe a Pulsar and the Sun
  • Make a model of the TLM 18 Radio Dish Antenna
  • Learn about EME Transmission to send voice signals to the moon and back

   Call 732-322-4823 today for pricing information and available dates!


Space Exploration Week

Summer Camp



Thank you to all of the teachers and volunteers who made camp fun and exciting!

 InfoAge Space Exploration Center

2300 Marconi Road, Wall Township, NJ. 732-322-4823 0r 732-280-3000

Space Exploration Week is a five day space science program for children ages 11- 14 about The Earth, The Solar System, The Galaxy, The Universe, Rocketry, and Outer Space Observation and Exploration. Each day is divided into two 3 hour sessions of fun filled model making, rocket launching, demonstrations and games. On the final day of Space Exploration Week everyone will learn how to move the TLM18 Space Sentry Radio Dish Antenna and use it to explore the Milky Way Galaxy. Parents can take a video of their child at the controls! We expect to have speakers from NASA and Princeton University.

Activities are indoor and outdoor and include a visit to the InfoAge Radio Museum, The Original Marconi Tower and a trip to Mobile Radar Units.

Learn about the history of NASA’s Space Programs and the exciting events that took place right here at the Diana Site in Wall Township that launched Space Exploration.

Travel through Space using the TLM18 Radio Dish Antenna to send your voice to the moon and hear it bounce back in 2.5 seconds!

Registration is limited, Register Now for Summer 2020!


Learn about:

The Earth and it’s Atmosphere

Make a model of the Earth’s Atmosphere

The Solar System

Make a model of the Solar System


Make and Launch Rock

page2image15424Vanguard and Tiros satellites

Build your own Satellite

The Radio Telescope Dish

Make a model of a Radio Dish Antenna

The Moon and other Earth Satellites

Add these to our Earth Model

The Milky Way Galaxy

Make a Star Finder

Comets and Asteroids

Make your own Comet or Asteroid

Outer Space Observation: Telescopes

Make your own Telescope

See through Alien Eyes

Using radio waves to study planets

Bounce your voice off the Moon using a radio telescope


Space Exploration Week Camp is a 5 day, 6 hour program.

Program Costs: $199. per child.  $175. additional Children same household.

Participants receive a packet to keep all of their materials as well as a keepsake box for all their models and a Certificate of Completion.

A Deposit of $50 per child is required at time of registration.
Full payment is required on the first day of Space Exploration Week.

Dates TBA for Space Exploration Week 2020

Please return this form by mail or in person with a $50. deposit to register for Summer 2020
InfoAge 2201 Marconi Rd. Wall, NJ 07719 c/o Lori Lauber
Walk in hours are 1-5 on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday
For more information call: 732-322-4823 / 732-280-3000 or email:

Registration Form: Complete the form below for each participant:

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