Technology FAQ

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The TLM-18 is big.  Just how big is is?

The dish is 60 feet across, and stands 100 feet tall.

How fast can it move?

The TLM-18 was designed to track spacecraft moving at orbital speeds.   In layman’s terms, it can go horizon to horizon in 30 seconds, though operating at those speeds is typically not necessary.

How big are the motors?

The azimuth and elevation motors are 10 HP each, running on 240 DC.

Who paid for it?

The TLM-18 came with the property.  Putting it back into service was a joint effort of InfoAge, the Ocean-Monmouth Amateur Radio Club, and Princeton University, as well as the individual effort of several dozen volunteers over the course of more than half a decade.

How is the TLM-18 controlled?

The connection is over a secure Internet connection using custom-written control software.